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MONO-RAIL (at wits end, infinite welcome)
MONO-RAIL (at wits end, infinite welcome)
Mixed Media

"My recent investigations employ references to known objects and idioms such as the human figure and fantastical modes of transportation. Growing up in Southern California, I was deeply influenced by moving in and around a landscape that seemed to shift according to the vehicle I was occupying. From the guise of a lower-class working family I find myself most influenced by the atmosphere and aesthetic of Venice Beach as well as surrounding amusement parks in Los Angeles, particularly Universal Studios during the late 70’s early 80’s. This most current work is grounded in my recollection of those experiences. However while each such reference might be somewhat direct in eliciting a particular resonance with the viewer, it is my aim that the works remain open enough to invite a deeper consideration on a personal level. As my work looks to tackle broader and or more difficult to address issues unique to meaning, identity, and metaphysical explanations for human existence.

MONO-RAIL (at wits end, infinite welcome) emerges out of references from both the above mentioned and strategies unique to painting as I have come to understand it. By employing painterly effects and formal strategies such as volume and flatness, into this piece, MONO-RAIL aims to be both still and immediate, while paradoxically conjuring means of mobility that embody aspirations for transcendence through motion. Ultimately, this work is subjected to the reality that it cannot deliver on its proposition leaving it to do the work of a sign post for something else that might be more adequately suited for the task